• February 27 - 29, 2020

    THE Conference for Festivals & Events
    Riverhouse on the Deschutes, Bend Oregon

    Book your room online HERE or by calling 1-866-453-4480  and ask for the Oregon Festivals & Events Room Block (Rates start at $124!)  Block released February 3rd - but still request it!

    Kicks off at 1:00 on Thursday, February 27 and goes through early afternoon Saturday, February 29th

    Registration $265 first delegate, $205 additional delegates (member rates)  MEALS ARE INCLUDED!!!!!!

    Trade show / table only registration for suppliers is $100



    Networking with dozens of industry experts
    OVATION! Awards celebration
    You asked for Motivation.  You asked for Cutting Edge ideas.  You asked for MORE tools to be successful. 

    Featuring:  Elisa Hays, extraordinary IMPACT  (Keynote and sessions on leadership and ADA inclusion)

    For 14 years, Elisa Hays, CSP served as the Founder and Chief Daydreamer of an award-winning touring entertainment company focused on genuine leadership, full-on participation and innovative design. In her own words she, “served on boards, won awards, and drove big Fords!” After getting stuck on the highway in an ice-storm and safely evacuating two employees in the face of oncoming traffic, an 18-wheeler semi-truck going 65 miles-per-hour hit her body…outside of a vehicle. She was propelled 90 feet through the air and ultimately into the position she is in now. As an authority on leadership, resilience, communication, and inclusion she creates Extraordinary IMPACT in the lives of all those she reaches. Elisa inspires audiences internationally with her honesty, humor, and powerfully profound message that “Your job isn’t a task; your job is a person.”

    A few highlights: 

    Master Tools for IMPACT, Elisa Hays of extraordinary IMPACT
    A Deeper Dive into Empathy-fueled, Performance-driven Leadership In Elisa Hays’ keynote speech
    “IMPACT: a Crash Course in Leadership” attendees discover the four key actions genuine leaders
    take to embrace obstacles as opportunities for extraordinary impact. But hearing and understanding
    will rarely translate into doing without the development of habits.  In this interactive workshop attendees
    practice skills and lay the foundation for strong habits that will enable them to respond to challenges
    with the experience and expertise of a genuine leader. 

    ”Beyond the ADA: create devoted fans of all abilities."  Elisa Hays of extraordinary IMPACT
    Insider insight into inviting, including, and impressing people of all abilities.

    Volunteer Management - Peggy Curtis of the Oregon Jamboree shares her winning strategies. 
    Working with the Oregon Jamboree is like getting paid to go to a party!  I process over 1100
    applications a year, filling volunteers on more than 40 teams, working with the 65+ supervisors
    of those teams.  I have amazing managers who help the supervisors with team plans and
    processing to get the job done. 
    Monetizing Your Ticketing System: Turn ticketing into a profit center instead of a headache -
    Ryan Kintz, Afton Ticketing Learn how to use your online ticketing to sell more sponsorships,
    retain sponsors, capture thousands of dollars of lost revenues, how to correctly capture customer
    meta data, how to effectively track ROI ad spend on Facebook/Instagram, how to market more
    effectively for next year, and more.


    • First aid for event managers
    • How Online shopping impacts your commercial vendors and how to roll with the changes 
    • Event impact evaluation 
    • Sponsorship challenges in the face of a changing economy and new taxes 
    • The changing face of advertising and promotions
    • Using attractions and special features to create impact and increase revenue

    20+ breakout sessions 
    Trade show 
    Entertainment Showcases