Many Oregon Events are cancelling due to a government mandate related to controlling COVID-19 Corona Virus. The Oregon Events Calendar may contain events that have been impacted by an executive order from the Governor of Oregon to cancel events and gatherings. (effective 3/11/2020)  Please double check directly with any event if you have questions. The Oregon Festivals & Events Association does not produce these events. We also ask for your patience and understanding as many of these events will take time to respond to the order to cancel. We will make every effort to keep our calendar updated as we learn of cancellations and postponements but please check with the events directly to be sure. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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  • Reopening Your Event in the Time of COVID-19 - Aug. 5 at 10am
  • Reopening Your Event In the Time of Covid-19 Webinar

    Wednesday, Aug. 5 at 10am PST


    Are you wondering how to re-open your event when the time comes? How to manage all the aspects and elements of your event in order to create a safe experience for not only your patrons but your staff?Join Dennis Freeman, Founder and Special Event Producer, and Erin Regrutto, Senior Event Manager as they walk you through the necessary actions to prepare for reopening of your event.


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    From giant outdoor festivals to intimate charity fundraisers, special events play a unique and vibrant role in Oregon life. Their impact on tourism and local economies is undeniable, but equally important is the sense of community that events can build.


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