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Our workshops are an opportunity to meet your peers from around the state while learning from experts.

We hope you'll join us along with event producers, sponsors, entertainers, volunteers, vendors and suppliers from across the state. Together, we can share information, resources and contacts to make our events more successful.

Next Workshop

Join us this September for an in-person workshop and forum to discuss the challenges and share the wins we've all had over the past year and a half. We're partnering with the Linn County Fair & Expo Center to bring you this half-day event!

Friday, September 17

Linn County Fair & Expo; Albany

Cost: $35 ($50 for non-members)

Registration includes box lunch.

More information coming soon ...

Past Topics

January 21 from 4-5pm

Confirming Your Mission: Community Give Backs
Steve Bledsoe, Portland Rose Festival
Steven will share how this impacts value and community investment.

Plans A through D; Shooting at a Moving Target
Scott Ingalls, 360 Events NW
Scott will share how Marion County Fair is working with 4 different plans for their 2021 event.

February 18 from 4-5pm

Virtual Events
Larry Rogers, Willamette Valley Productions
Larry will share creating his event in the DIY format.

Plus an update from LEIO

April 15 from 3-4pm

Grants, Fundraisers, and Nonprofit Resources
Jenn Clemo, The Nonprofit Association of Oregon
Jenn will join us to talk about grants, NAO resources, and connecting with consultants along with answering all your questions.

May 20 from 4-5pm

Approaching Reopening
Geoff Hinds, Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center
Geoff will discuss events he's been able have in Deschutes County.

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