• OVATION Awards

  • OVATIONS! Nomination Packet for 2017 events

    DEADLINE - to Enter - February 1, 2018

  • ROOM 419 AWARD –   This narrative is longer than the rest – just because we needed to set the stage and a little background for this new award.

    Introducing the Room 419 Award.  This is the first annual Room 419 award. You may have heard stories about how it came about, they probably aren’t rumors.   Room 419 was a legendary suite after-party at THE Conference for Festivals & Events.  No the occupant didn’t intend for this to become legendary - but it did.  With a visit from 3 different law enforcement jurisdictions, just short of the Navy Seals – well we’ll stop there.  But we will say no one was incarcerated, and it all ended… well.

    So in honor of the biggest party-which nearly became jail time for about a hundred or more conference attendees - we developed this award.  What happened in room419 will live on and the rumors will grow…….

    Was there a memorable, miserable, scary or bewildering mistake or action at your festival or event?  Was someone’s zany idea actually a windfall?  This award isn’t about the mistake or taking chances, but for what was done to resolve it or how the lemons were turned into lemonade.

    This is a fun, educational and just lighthearted award for hard working people who can laugh at (or with) themselves or who found success from strange beginnings.

    The Hidden Gem award

    This award is for the small but worthy events with under1,000 attendees that makes an impact on a community and is worth bragging about.

    The Impact Award in our search for an event that had a great and unique impact culturally on a community.

    The Innovation Award  is for those new twists on old themes, innovative ideas and new approaches that work. 

     Fundraising Event of the Year not necessarily the must funds, but the best and brightest of the successful.

    Most Innovative Marketing Piece or Campaign

    The Musical Festival of Event of the Year

    Festival of the Year (Budget over $150,000) 

    Festival of the Year (Budget under $150,000)–