• Committees

  • OFEA offers many opportunties for our members to get involved and support our efforts to be the best resource for events and festivals in Oregon.  All of the committees below are open to any OFEA member in good standing to join. To learn more, contact Jill Ingalls, Executive Director, today!  Jill@OregonFestivals.org.

    Conference Committee
    Organizes the annual March Conference including theme, speakers, session topics, keynotes, and marketing.

    Contact: Jill Ingalls, Executive Director

    Ovation! Awards Committee
    Responsible for recruiting, judging, and awarding the OFEA Ovation Awards.

    Contact: Scott Ingalls, Ingalls & Associates

    Showcases (Sub-Committee of Conference)

    Recruits, reviews, and organizes showcase entertainment during the annual conference.

    Contact: Scott Ingalls, Ingalls & Associates 

    Education Committee
    Organizes and markets all educational workshops, training, consults, resources and tools for event success.

    Contact: Jill Ingalls, Executive Director     

    Membership Committee
    Maintains contact with current members and does outreach throughout the year to potential members. Reviews and monitor benefit fulfillment.

    Contact: Caitlin Koenig, Member Services

    Supplier Committee                                                                                                                               
    Working with the supplier members to improve benefits and create a B2B relationship with festival members. Working on promoting the OFEA Code of Ethics.  

    Contact:  Terry Nelson, Honey Bucket

    PR / Marketing Committee Manages social media, news releases and seeks out opportunities for promotion. 

    Contact:  Jill Ingalls, Executive Director